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​How Do I Place An Order?​

Placing an order is as easy as sending us an e-mail with the product that you would like us to make. Remember to send us any artwork that you have available with as much information as you have on your order so that we can can streamline your order and get it into production as quickly as possible.


Payment & Shipping

Once an order is made to SCG, you will be invoiced to your e-mail. You can then pay by credit card online and your order will be put into production. Shipping prices will vary on the amount of items you are ordering and the weight. Shipping will also be quoted to you before an invoice is sent to you. 


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Our ordering is secure as we are partnered up with Quickbooks for our online invoicing. We are currently working on our online store to make purchases in the future. 


Returns & Refunds

Items that are custom ordered do not have an option of a refund. If an item is defected or not printed correctly, then we will work with you on an individual basis to fix any mistakes that we may have made.


Thank you for shopping with us!
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