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We can print on many different types of apparel such as; t-shirts, hoodies, sport jerseys, jackets, hats, safety vests/gear, sports bags & more. Our apparel is priced off of the a few different variables. Choosing the right item for you is the first step. Once you have chosen your item, then on to the design and layout. (Don't worry, we can handle the design part.) When thinking of the design, remember the more colors you choose, the higher your product will cost. Once you have your order to us, we can send you a free quote.


Our Banners are printed full color and made with a 14oz indoor/outdoor banner material with hemmed edges and grommets. The banners are $5/sq. ft. So, for example, a 3'x5' banner is $75 if you already have artwork. Complex artwork may be an extra charge depending on the design time. High volume pricing is also available.

Aluminum Signs:

We use an aluminum signboard that is lightweight and very durable. These signs can be used for many different types of signage. They start at $10-$15/sq. ft. depending on your design. For example, a 4'x8' Aluminum sign would cost $320-$480, depending on the artwork you choose.


With our new state of the art large format Mutoh Eco-solvent printing techniques, we are able to print your decals full color as well as cad cut around them. This has made it easier for you to get your logo in multiple colors vs. the old way of having to layer multiple colors. These are all priced as low as we can price them to you on an individual basis. You can print stickers as small as 1"x1" and up to 8'x20'. Contact us for a custom quote on your decals.

Vehicle Display/Wraps:

Each vehicle that we install vinyl on has their own unique display and look. Our printer allows us to print displays for multiple items such as; box trailers, semi trailers, trucks, cars, vans, motorcycles and so on. When pricing vehicle displays, some shops will tell you they can do a job for $50 when the shop down the road has quoted you $100. You want to make sure you ask what type of materials they are using as well as their inks and if it is laminated with a scuff resistant UV film or not. Those things will make a huge difference 30 days down the road. We only use high end materials that are going to last you for years out in the filed. Simple door lettering can average from $125-$250.  Contact us for your custom quote!